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Bogner Edelstahl Romania from 2013 onwards has become part of a multinational corporation with a history of over 150 years.

We are part of the Koenig Holding and Frankstahl GmbH concern. We base our development on the ever-growing significance of tool steels, quality steels and construction steels throughout the industry. We aim to adjust our offer to the market, as well as invest in storage and logistics facilities and advanced machines.

Our business activity is based on cooperation of steel manufacturers and processing companies.

Highly qualified and experienced staff guarantees the highest reliability and quality of our products and services.

We also offer professional consulting services. We also offer professional consulting services. Bogner Edelstahl aims to consolidate its leadership position and develop lasting relationships based on customer trust. Our work organization is confirmed by the Certificate ISO 9001:2018 and ISO 14001:2018


We aim to reinforce our leading position and develop better, friendly relations with our Clients.

Wide delivery offer based on the central warehouse in Sibiu and European steel producers.


European Brand - We are leaders in the steel sales market in Austria, Central and Est Europe in tool steels, special steels and alloy steels, logistics and steel processing.

Aim - Unique Success

Thanks to our unique products and quality of service, we make special steel a success story in Europe.

Company History

1950Establishment of the company, taking over offices and warehouses "Poldi-Hütte" and first sales activities.
1965Headquarters moves: Hardtmuthgasse, Wien 10. A warehouse for steel tool cutting and tool steel blocks is built. The '60s and' 70s means entering the stainless steel market.
1975Bogner Edelstahl celebrates 25 years in the tool steel market and is recognized as a brand in the domain. With a total of 50 employees and an annual turnover of over 150 million Austrian schillingi (currency).
1976A new subsidiary in Wels. The new warehouse has a modern storage system.
1981It goes to online data processing in all departments.
1983The construction of a new center for stainless steel grinding, brushing, coating (Protective film)
1989Purchasing a Plasma Cutting System for Stainless Steel Sheets, so the cutting service develops. The company has 120 employees and a turnover of 1 billion Schillingi.
1990Launch of storage and sales activities in the EU and neighboring countries, collaboration Bogner & Petziwal Stahlexport GmbH.
1991Expansion of warehouse and production hall in Wels. Commissioning of stainless steel sheet cutting equipment.
1993The company is certified EN ISO 9001
1995Implementing the SAP / R3 operating system brings significant benefits to data processing and logistics. Group turnover exceeds 1.2 billion Schillingi.
1996A new warehouse in Wels for stainless steel tubes.
1997Contruction of a new warehouse in Vösendorf.
1998Increasing cutting capacity of stainless steel sheet with a new grinding line.
1999Expansion of the tool steel cutting center, 20 equipments and schedule in 3 shifts, cutting steel orders for the construction and automotive industry.
2000The Bogner Group has 4 branches in Eastern Europe: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The total number of Group employees is 190, including 30 in subsidiaries.
2001The establishment of Laser & More, which by laser cutting, deals with the production of sheet metal and stainless steel pipes.
2002Expanding collaboration with Outokumpu: Selling stainless steel sheets and coils from Avesta, Nyby, Sheffield und Tornio warehouses in Austria, especially for stock deliveries or short delivery times.
2003Making an automatic storage system for materials.
2004Development services regarding special steel, machined finish: planning, centering, drilling, chamfering.
2005Development of the services provided in Steel Tools: Milling and Cutting
2006Doubling the storage area of the branch Bosnia. In January Bogner Academy is launched: Staff can be better prepared for professional work. Improving internal organizational strucurii to respond better to the needs and demands: with faster decisions and optimize staff work, especially for a quicker response to changes in the market and a higher market proximity. This can also be achieved through greater involvement of subsidiaries. Group turnover for the first time exceeded 120 million euros.
2007Opening a deposit in Sibiu, Romania. With the construction of a warehouse and a sales office in Poland, Bogner is also taking a step towards conquering the European Tool Steel Market. Establishing INNOCLUBS: By establishing it, Bogner forms the group's development. Employees can participate with their ideas to help develop the company. There are already 250 employees in the Group. Development of Tool Steel Services by purchasing new modern cutting machines: Blocks from 4000x2000x1500 mm can be cut.
2008Bogner gradually implement SAP supply facilities in all branches in Europe for automatic processing of orders and a faster flow of materials. A new subsidiary is inaugurated in Sofia, Bulgaria.
2009In order to be able to retrieve the data more quickly and to reduce the processing time, Bogner implements an adapted management system in the Tool Steel Service Center (Vösendorf).
2010Introducing a warehouse management management system in Wels.
2012Starting in October 2012, it has become part of the Frankstahl and Konigstahl Holding group with more than 150 years of experience in the field. By voluntarily joining the Österreichischen Corporate Governance Kodex (the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance), Bogner is closer to developing corporate values and culture.
2015We are investing in new cutting-edge cutting machines designed to meet the most demanding demands. Our Service Center will allow us to meet our requirements.
2017In order to have a greater availability of products and a more varied range of sizes and qualities permanently in stock, we have increased storage capacity by doubling the warehouse in Sibiu and investing in new storage systems. With this significant investment, Bogner Edelstahl supports shorter delivery times.
2018Bogner Romania becomes exclusive distributor LUCCHINI RS. Bringing to Romania high quality materials for all industrial sectors. The power of the group consists of its integrated production facilities.



Sediul Social: Parcul Industrial P6, Sura Mica, 557270, Sibiu, Romania
Numar Registrul Comertului: J32/198/2005;
Cod Unic de Inregistrare: RO 17219030;
Capital Social: 9.902.860 lei

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