Differentiation is currently a prerequisite for business success.
Many of our customers are no longer satisfied with standard solutions and are looking for customized solutions.
Our Service Center will allow us to meet our requirements.
Our unique service: the possibility of providing services for the processing of all the materials in our offer.


Because we know that delivery time is very important for you, Bogner Edelstahl can offer cut blocks in max 48 hours after receiving the order. We want to participate in the development of your business through the fastest deliveries. Also, by increasing the number of equipment we can support shorter deadlines.
Cutting machines cut with metallic saw blade, cutting maximum size of the maximum size of cutting: 3000 x 6000mm, the maximum cutting height 1060 mm. Precision Cutting and Serial Cutting: Maximum Diameter Ø 560 mm, Minimum Piece Size 10mm, Precision -0 / + 0.5 mm.


SURFACE blocks with maximum size 750 x 2000 x 2500 mm, make holes for transport and other processing according to customer drawing.

Block processing max 1000 x 2000mm with tolerance:
parallelism:0.01 / 1000mm
planarity:0.02 / 1000mm
0.03 / 2000mm


Prepare predefined forms according to customer designs.


  • 18 cutting machines
  • 3 milling centers
  • 2 milling contour centers
  • 2 CNC machines


The new storage system and warehouse organization are designed to greatly reduce the time of preparation of the ordered materials as well as a better availability of products, dimensional range and new steel qualities.


We organize the shipping of products at competitive rates and we strive to find the optimal solution for minimizing the delivery time.

Thanks to the new storage system and the 18 cutting-edge cutting machines, we've reduced delivery time so we can deliver your orders within 24-48 hours from the order date.

Bogner Edelstahl is connected to your needs and delivers in the shortest time throughout the country, Quality Steels and drawn steel

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